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Latent Print Development & Recovery Course

October 28 - 30, 2013

Fremont, California

Who May Attend: This course is open ONLY to current employees of a law enforcement or other public safety agency.

Location: Fremont Police Dept., 2000 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538

Certified: California POST Plan IV - Reimbursable

Cost: $230

Website: The Academy, San Jose, CA

To Register: Call "The Academy" (408) 270-6458

Course Goals: Provide the investigator, CSI, or fingerprint technician with the essential skills and knowledge concerning the proper methods for finding, developing, recovering, and documenting latent fingerprint evidence. Others who may consider this course would be AFIS and Ten-Print Technicians and those preparing to become Certified Latent Print Examiners. Minimize lecture time and maximize hands-on practice with latent print development materials. In addition, prepare the student to successfully present latent print evidence in a court of law.

Course Objectives: The student will demonstrate essential knowledge and skills in regards to...

  • Determining the best processes to use on porous and non-porous substrates
  • Specialized super glue (CAE) techniques and procedures
  • Choosing the techniques that will maximize success for developing latent prints on a variety of substrates
  • The use of forensic dye stains to visualize latent prints
  • The use of forensic light sources to locate latent prints
  • The application of various magnetic and non-magnetic powder and proper brush techniques to locate latent fingerprints on simulated evidence
  • Techniques to develop latent prints on evidence exposed to fires
  • The application of Small Particle Reagent (SPR) to develop latent prints on wet or dry substrates
  • Photography and documentation of latent print impressions
  • Techniques for proper lifting and mounting of latent print impressions
  • Documentation procedures and maintenance of chain-of-custody records for latent prints recovered from a crime scene and/or on items of evidence
  • Presentation of testimony in reference to the submission of latent print evidence in a court of law
  • Awareness and concern for personal safety in processing evidence for latent prints

Instructor: FBI Special Agent Mike Stapleton, M.A. (Retired)

For further information e-mail Mike Stapleton


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